Reasons why big brother is not good television

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Reasons why big brother is not good television

I still catch my favorite shows off DVD or online, though the frequency is decreasing.

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Advertisement In the past, I was a regular TV viewer like most people. That probably averaged out to a few hours a day. Then, slowly, I watched less TV. It was more of a gradual transition to a TV-free life.

When I started work, I stopped watching altogether because I was so busy. It remains that way even today.

Reasons why big brother is not good television

In fact, I feel my life has changed for the better. In the past years of not watching TV, I have experienced numerous positive changes, such as increased consciousnessmore clarity, more time to do what I want, productivity, freedom, and so on. In fact, about a month ago, I tried watching TV again to see what it would be like after so many years of not watching.

The shows felt boring, the programs seemed empty, the advertisements were pointless — it just felt like a waste of time. Bush Not watching TV has given me a lot more free time to do things I love. While I was watching the shows, other activities had to be put on hold.

In retrospect, that was a big waste of my evenings.

The barman is called Merlin.

This figure is increasing too by the quarter. At least, it gave me that impression. But these shows never stop airing. They just keep going on and on, and once you are done for the week, new trailers will run. Yes it helps me to relax and chill out at first, but after a certain amount of time, I feel more sluggish and tired from watching.

Research has shown that when you are watching TV, your higher brain regions shut down, and activities shift to the lower brain regions. In the long run, your higher brain regions experience atrophy due to lack of usage.

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There have been studies that TV viewing among children leads to lower attention and poorer brain development. You only sit and watch. When I was watching TV in the past, I would feel sluggish and inert. After a while, I would feel sleepy.

Compare this with other activities say talking to a friend, using the computer, reading a book, or writing articles in which I am much more active.

When you watch TV, brain activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere.

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In fact, experiments conducted by researcher Herbert Krugman showed that while viewers are watching television, the right hemisphere is twice as active as the left, a neurological anomaly. Endorphins are structurally identical to opium and its derivatives morphine, codeine, heroin, etc.

Activities that release endorphins also called opioid peptides are usually habit-forming we rarely call them addictive. Indeed, even casual television viewers experience such opiate-withdrawal symptoms if they stop watching TV for a prolonged period of time.

None could resist the urge longer than six months, and over time all of the participants showed the symptoms of opiate-withdrawal: This differs across TV networks of course — some channels have better content than others.

Fear Factor, a reality TV show where people are dared into doing fearsome stunts for a sum of prize money. You see people getting scared, terrified, forcing themselves through the stunts for the prize money.

Participants are people who are unhappy because of their looks. They are given extreme makeovers that include surgery, after which they are shown to be happy and confident. It somehow drives an underlying message to use surgery as a solution for low self-esteem.Big Brother is a reality television series produced by Southern Star and shown on Network Ten.

In each series, which lasts for around three months, a number of people (normally fewer than fifteen at any one time) live together full-time in the "Big Brother House", isolated from the outside world but under the continuous gaze of television cameras.

Reasons why big brother is not good television

So "Big Brother," the next big "reality" show supposed to rack up big ratings is a big disappointment. Before the first cast member gets the boot, the first couple gets its groove on and the first. 7 Reasons Why Big Brother Naija Is Not Good For You I wrote this post for Do check out the blog using the link at the end of this post: If you are NOT an ardent fan of the reality TV series, Big Brother Naija, I bring you good news!

I have brought a [ ]. Big Brother gave Channel 4 its most popular ratings in the history of the UK channel, attracting nearly 10 million viewers in ; the second series of Big Brother averaged million viewers, giving Channel 4 more than a 70 per cent increase on their average broadcast share.

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