A comparison of the books the hound of baskervilles and maigret and the toy village

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A comparison of the books the hound of baskervilles and maigret and the toy village

Sayers — 5 to Try and 1 to Avoid Last week for the Tuesday Night Bloggers, I wrote a piece on Gaudy Nightwhich I envisaged being quite controversial but in fact it turned out a lot of people loved Gaudy Night as well.

This week I am only maybe being slightly less controversial by suggesting 5 Sayers novels to try and only 1 to avoid and I imagine many readers will have very different opinions to myself. In my choice of recommendations I have tried to give suggestions from different stages of her career, in order to give readers a well-rounded impression of her work.

If you think a different novel or two should have been in the list instead, let me know in the comments section below. The Documents in the Case This is one of those rare occasions where Sayers wrote without using her serial sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey and even more unusual is the fact that the novel consists entirely of documents as opposed to a conventional narrative text, which is one of the main reasons why I enjoyed it.

These documents record events prior to and after the murder of Harrison, who seems to have died after eating lethal muscarine.


But is it suicide, murder or accident? Another unusual factor about the book is that Sayers co-authored it with Robert Eustace, a scientist who seems to have collaborated with more than one crime writer on a book, providing the necessary scientific know-how.

Strong Poison and Have His Carcase Initially my plan was to only pick one book from the Harriet Vane Quartet and that was to be Have His Carcase, as I think it has the strongest mystery plot out of the four, with Harriet Vane encountering a dead body on the beach, whilst on holiday.

Not only is there ample detective work by Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey, but I also liked the progression and changes made in their relationship. However, it is because of this I have included Strong Poison, as I realised that unless you read Strong Poison first, you would lack some of the relationship background, as their initial meeting is a fairly dramatic one to say the least.

Murder Must Advertise This is definitely one of my favourite non-Harriet Vane, Lord Peter Wimsey novels and it sees Peter working undercover in an advertising firm dealing with both a blackmailing and drug network and a suspicious accidental death. I found this novel to have an engaging mystery which was set in an entertaining milieu and when I do get round to re-reading Sayers this will be high on the list.

Daringly I also suggest this might be a good book for Sayer novices to start with. Clouds of Witnesses This is the earliest book on my suggestions list, being the second one Sayers wrote, whilst dealing with one of the most painful episodes of her life.

At this time, she had managed to take time off from work and stay away from her family whilst she secretly gave birth to a child. I think the family drama which ensues through this mystery is what drew me to this novel when compiling this list, as it gives the mystery a tense and dramatic atmosphere and also in a way forces Wimsey to not detect in such a detached way.

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The Wimsey Papers At the beginning of WW2, Sayers wrote pieces for The Spectator purporting to be letters and diary extracts from her characters, who are describing their reactions to contemporary events such as black outs and enlisting. The characters are not just mouth pieces for Sayers, as they remain within character throughout.

There is no mystery element or plot to these pieces, but for the Sayers reader who thought they had read everything, they might be of some interest and amusement, as the Dowager is on top form.

And now for the one to avoid… The Nine Tailors Out of all Sayers novels this is definitely one I am unlikely to ever re-read and I imagine if any new reader to Sayers ever read this book, they might understandably never try her works again.

So if you are a new reader to Sayers stay well away. Always keen to try new things on my blog I decided it would be fun to do a poll within this post, where you can vote for your favourite Sayers novel.

Being a contentious author amongst Golden Age detective fans I am interested to see what the results will be. So have your say and vote now!Protestante a jak to tedy bylo?

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A comparison of the books the hound of baskervilles and maigret and the toy village
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